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Tumbling/Wee Hip Hop

(Ages 4-5)

An intro to Tumbling set to Hip Hop and Break Dance beats for that little one in your family. Students learn basic rhythms and tempos to classic hip hop music along with basic tumbling concepts. Please wear non-street  tennis shoes and comfortable clothes. Le  LEVEL 1

Youth Hip Hop 101

(Youth 6-8 & Tween 9-12)

These classes are the ideal intro to the world of hip hop dance. It covers the basics of popping, locking, tutting, waving, break, choreography & more.  Classes broken into age groups and placed based upon experience.

Hip Hop Technique Classes**

(Ages  6-12 and 13-18)

Classes allow students to take hip hop to the next level!  Students are taught hip hop techniques and challenging choreography, while gaining a physical awareness of up-tempo and off rhythm beats.

** REQUIRED CLASS FOR all Competition Crews

Break I&II

(Ages 10-18)

Only for students with prior hip hop dance experience, this class is an intro into the b-boy/b-girl world of break.  Intro true break dance move techniques, this is a slower paced class which teaches true break technique to perfection

Beginner Breakdance

 (Ages 7-9)

First year break class for beginners, learn the basics of break moves that break dance is known for. This class is designed as an intro to break, which includes freezes, head spins and top rocks. This is a physical class which teaches balance, agility, flexibility and self control.  Students have to be able to focus!

Pop/Lock Class

(Ages 13-18)

Learn the basics of popping/locking, enter the world of illusion.  Fun class with a lot of fun twists and turns.

Intermediate/Advanced Break

(Ages 11-18)

Placement only Break Class

This class is designed for students who have taken break at The Basement for at least 3 years, this is a placement only break class.

Competition Crews

(Ages 5-18)

Tryout only competition teams, if interested, please email us at lmedhi@ae-pc.com or call us at 402-289-3332.

Hip Hop Choreo Only

(Ages 13-18)

Come and learn choreo only, this class is for recreational purposes only.  Get in shape and have fun, this is a strictly no pressure class for teens who do not want to be in the annual showcase and want to go year round to learn true skills.